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1496 samples at over 1.5gb of the best bass, synth, keys, pads and drum sounds from #MP

Available in the download:

10 Bass Multiís
10 Key Multiís
10 Synth Multiís
50 Pads/Drones
300 One Shots
30 Drum Sounds
160 Massive Presets
150 Absynth Presets
3 Maschine Groups
30 Maschine Sounds

Available in this download:

2 Kong Kits
3 ReDrum Kits
31 NN-XT Patches
300 NN-19 Patches

All our house in Reasons proprietary Refill format and include all of the samples created for the pack.

Available in the download:

Only for Maschine 2.0

10 Kick Sounds
10 Snare/Clap sounds
5 Hihat sounds
5 Percussion Sounds
3 Group files
2 Demo Song files as originally made with Maschine
160 Massive Presets

All sounds were created using Maschines' Drum Synths and effected using the inbuilt effect system

Available in the download:

10 Presets used to make the multi-sampled sounds in the main pack
150 one shots presets

The sounds were made with a purely modular sound in mind, some of them are very wacky, but the preset pack also includes signature sounds also.

Available in the download:

150 Absynth Presets

These sounds were created to get the very best out of the Absynth.

They are a mixture of bass, lead, pads, soundscapes and drones that can be used in a multitude of projects

Other sample libraries available in store are...

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