Reaktor Toolbox – v2

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Reaktor has become a mainstay of Multiples Pro for several reasons.

Not only are we using it to experiemnt with sound and to create ensembles to give away free here on the site but we also use it heavily when creating sample libraries for you.

So, to go with our line up of instruments and fx we thought it may be nice to give away all of the macros we have created along the way so that you can start using the program yourself.

In this package we have 22 seperate modules we have created or modified over the time we have been using this powerhouse as well as the original Exploration Reaktor synth and the newest incarnation, MPBASIC.

We will be adding more to this bundle as and when we create some more stuff so look out for monthly updates to the pack.

Next up we will start to offer all of our sample libraries as samplemaps within Reaktor as well so that you can use them within the multitude of different ensembles that come with or that can be downloaded for Reaktor.

Now Updated to v2

New update includes new macros used in the creation of MPSampler, our new sampling plugin coming on the 29th of September.

  • Chorus
  • Autopan
  • Timbre – EQ
  • Master Output Meter


Download Description
.zip All 28 macros in the current series of the Reaktor Toolbox